Education Priorities:

  • Increase supports for teachers and student for meeting reading/math standards for P-5 programs
  • Use the example of Long Beach Unified Public School District in partnering with teacher prep programs to ensure that new teachers have the tools they need to boost Denver’s student achievement
  • Fund after school and summer school programs to expose students to enriched learning opportunities and help them meet P-12 education benchmarks
  • Give every parent in every part of the city the option of a strong neighborhood school and a high quality option that meets the needs of their child
  • Strengthen DPS’s arts, music, and sports programs from early childhood through high school

Education Policy Accomplishments 1990-2012 (Selected)

  • CAP4K: New state standards and assessments for preschool through the first year of college, including new standards for the arts in each grade.  These were later merged with the Common Core State Standards.
  • Colorado Ascent: Dual enrollment in high school and community college for high school students.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: Establishment of the first statewide full-day K program.
  • Colorado Small Schools Initiative: High school reform involving 14 schools
  • Amendment 23: A statewide ballot initiative to increase funding for public schools
  • Tony Grampsas Youth Services Fund: Created a state revenue stream to fund community programs working with youth at risk for crime and violence
  • Child Health Plan: Created a health insurance plan for uninsured children Infant Immunization Act – expanded the childhood vaccination program
  • Child Care Pilot Projects: Passed legislation to stimulate innovation and quality improvement in subsidized child care
  • Child Care Tax Credits: Created a tax credit for working parents
  • Child Care Contribution Tax Credit: Created a tax credit to stimulate donations to low income child care centers and before-and-after school programs
  • Charter School Act: Led two year effort to pass legislation creating charter schools in Colorado
  • Colorado Preschool Program – created state funded preschool for high risk children.

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